Blue Hammer Films


Blue Hammer Films’ mission is to distribute educational materials to public, private and charter schools and public libraries throughout the United States.

Blue Hammer Films works with independent filmmakers as well as authors of children’s books and other age-appropriate materials to get their work into the classroom and public libraries with the financial support of corporations, foundations and individual donors.

Many times, new filmmakers and authors who have created quality materials have a very hard time reaching the audience that needs them most.  Even more common, is the financial struggle that schools and libraries have to add quality educational material to their curriculum or library shelves. 

Blue Hammer Films seeks to match these authors and filmmakers with schools and libraries.  With the help of North Woodward Community Foundation, Blue Hammer Films works with philanthropic foundations, corporations, and individuals, to fund the distribution of these educational materials.

From conventional media such as books and DVDs, to electronic streaming through iPads or internet broadcasts, Blue Hammer Films will help facilitate that process.

Founded: 2011

As a not-for-profit organization that works under the fiscal sponsorship of North Woodward Community Foundation, a certified 501c3 non-profit to help distribute educational materials free of charge, to schools across the country.


Blue Hammer Films

829 Rivard Blvd

Grosse Pointe, MI 48236

Blue Hammer Films works with any independent producer of films, books, or any other type of educational material, and helps them adapt their content to the classroom.  Additionally, Blue Hammer Films works with other charitable organizations to help fund the distribution of those materials into classrooms at no cost to the schools.

Current Films  Ready for

Classroom Distribution

Black and Blue

Stunt3 Multimedia

The Girl in Centerfield

Stunt3 Multimedia

Speak for Yourself

Hang Tough Productions

Road To Ironman

Tom Chaney Productions

The Legend of Pinky Deras

Stunt3 Multimedia


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